Creative Blogger Award


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Yay!! I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by imperfectioninanutshell (her posts are awesome-go read them(please)!). Click on her name to get to her page 🙂

With this award, I need to list five facts about myself. So, let’s get down to business:

1. When I was little I watched Sailor Moon. Of course I loved Sailor Moon and my first crush was probably Tuxedo Max but my favorite Sailor scout was Jupiter! I loved that she was a strong and tough and ready to kick butt while still pretty and delicate! To this day, she will always be one of my favorite heroes! Plus, she wore my favorite color… 

2. Soooo I love Avengers. My group is the Avengers. I’m not kidding…  we’re all obsessed and we all fit the characters. I’m pretty much Hawkeye in my group but I wish I could be Black Widow or Agent Carter (in my mind, she completely counts as the original Avenger member).

3. So this leads me to my literary heroes! The book that really got me into reading was Ella Enchanted. I adored her and still have that copy in my “library”. Yes, it’s practically falling to pieces but I intend on giving it to my daughter if I ever have one .  Honestly, anything by Gail Carson Levine was my favorite. She’s my real hero! If it wasn’t for her, I believe my life would be very different. On a sidenote, she lived very close to me when I was growing up and I never even realized!!!! (If I had, she probably would have never gotten me off her doorstep.) While I love Anne Hathaway, she ruined Ella Enchanted. 😦

4. Today, my literary hero is Anne Elliot from Jane Austen’s Persuasion. While I adore the love story within the novel, I believe Anne Elliot is the best character Jane Austen ever created sorry Elizabeth Bennet. Anne is strong and smart. Her patience, strength, love and forgiveness makes her the true hero of the story. However, all the Austen adaptations make Anne look 40 when she’s only in her late 20’s so movie makers please redo Persuasion for me!

5. Currently, I’m in the process of writing a story…  Don’t worry, my blog voice sounds nothing like my “serious writing voice”. My “blog voice” is just more like me! Anyway, I’m hoping the my new story will be my latest heros! Wish me luck!

So now it’s time for the new nominations! I would like to nominate the following:


Natalie Helen

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Once nominated, please accept or decline (although I do hope you accept!). Then, give five random facts about yourself. Once done, nominate at least five blogs of your choosing! Enjoy 😀


~Strawberry Moon~


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Readers, say hello to the Strawberry Moon! 

(June 2, 2015)

If you’re in Europe it might be known as the Honey Moon (Any relations to a wedding couple’s Honeymoon? June is well-known for wedding bells!) or the Rose Moon since Strawberries are not native to Europe. No matter where you are, it’s the first full moon of June!

This name comes from the Algonquin tribe (think Canada/New England) and signifies that strawberries were ready to be picked. This was and still is important since Strawberries have a very short period to be harvested.  I know this month I’ll be heading over to the farms for some fresh fruit before all the tourists arrive!! Any Chef blogs know of some strawberry recipes??

During this month, the moon will be lower in the sky and might have a honey tint (note the other nickname of Honey Moon) but it will not be pink or red despite the Strawberry name.

Additionally, this moon starts summer!! So get ready for fireflies, swimming, barbeques and heat waves!!

Introducing New Subpage! Under Nerd Pride!


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 As promised, I deliver you the stars! 

Okay, so I can’t do that! But, I can tell you when the next meteor shower will be! Along with other interesting facts!

Also, here’s an amazing and free app on Google Play to help you find constellations: Star Tracker. It’s beautiful nerdery and great for kids! Just check it out, I promise you will adore it!

I will continue to update this page for new information and tools. 

If you don’t get a chance to see the Eta Aquarids or the Delta Aquarids, you must see the Perseids! I repeat, go see the Perseids!! From August 13 to July 26, they will be falling.They will peak August 12-August 13; however, you will see them all month especially during the second week of August. This year there won’t be a full moon to hide the showers.

These meteors are known for their speed as well as the long bright tails they leave behind. While quick, they can easily peak to a 100 meteors per hour so there is a good chance of seeing one!

A Perseid meteor in 2012. Jack Fusco-photographer.

Where do the Perseids come from?

These showers have a radiant point from the Perseus constellation (which is right next to the sideways, W shaped constellation known as Cassiopeia). The Northern Hemisphere will see more meteors than the Southern Hemisphere but both will get a chance to see them!

The Southern Delta Aquarids are next after this month but they are expected to be a no show due to the moon’s light. The Southern Hemisphere might see a few from July 21- August 23rd with the peak on July 28. They also have a radiant from Aquarius but come from a more obscure comet.

So we just missed the Eta Aquarids.They happened on May 5th, 2015; however, the Eta Aquarids generally happen all month long (well up to May 26) but they peak in the first week of May. However, on May 18, there will be a new moon-great for viewing! These stars are known for their bright sparkling tails and are my personal favorite!

On a sidenote, Saturn will be fully illuminated and will come the closest it can to Earth on May 22-23. With a medium telescope, you will even be able to see Saturn’s rings and moons! Look for a steady golden star near Scorpio. It will be at its highest at midnight.

Justin Ng-Photographer. Eta Aquarids from 2013.

Where do the Eta Aquarids come from?

Their radiant is from the constellation, Aquarius. However, the parent of this meteor shower is Halley’s Comet. Every Spring, we pass into the orbit of Halley’s Comet. The debris causes our shooting stars. The higher the radiant, the more likely you will see a shooting star or more! Generally, both the northern and southern hemisphere’s will be able to glimpse these beauties.

Good Luck!

Check Out My New Page!


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Please check out my new subpage under Nerd Pride 🙂 It’s called Wish Upon A Star! If you would like to see a shooting star, I listed all the upcoming meteor showers and gave you some helpful apps! Also, feel free to request nerd topics just not math🙂

Here’s a link: Click on me!

Are you a nerd? Do you love the stars? Do you adore nature? Do you just want to see something beautiful? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions than I have a page for you! But seriously, I just updated my Nerd Page and you might like it!

Morning Musings


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Good Morning!

This morning I woke up early enough to catch the sun rising through my window. My very first thought of the day was, “Red skies at night, a sailor’s delight; Red skies in morning, sailors take warning”. Funny, right? It was a knee-jerk reaction but the whole sky was orange! One hour later and the sky is gray. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that rhyme is always true!

Of course, that got me thinking of all the other little Old Wives’ Tales that I know about the weather.

A ring around the moon means rain soon

An orange moon means a hot day soon.

The orange moon has always been true for me, which is useful during the spring but not so much during the summer when it’s always hot. The moon halo might be true… I notice them but not for rainy days but when it’s cloudy. It could have rained overnight for all I know!

Do you know any more weather wives’ tales? I can’t seem to think of anymore! Also, the coffee just beeped and I smell eggs and toast cooking so that’s my cue to go!

Shakespeare Sunday


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I thought today I would share one of my favorite sonnets. While many of Shakespeare’s sonnets have fallen under controversy (who is he talking to and what did he mean?), this sonnet holds a timeless and simple truth. I hope this will stay with you as long as it has with me.


If this be error and upon me proved, / I never writ, nor no man ever loved