About Me

Hmm… about pages… I’m not fond of them. Well, at least I’m not fond of writing them.

I’m an INFJ, nature-lover, book reader, dreamer and nerd. I have a childish, old soul nature. I like to think it’s because I have a young heart with an old soul. I’m often full of contradictions but I’m always honest. I laugh too loud and I speak too softly. I’m a realistic romantic and pessimistic optimist. I’ve often been called a peaceful warrior.

That’s it for now! You’ll find out more about me as I write my blogs. The closest I’ve come to pinpointing who I am can be found in my “And That’s Who I am” board on Pinterest if you’re still really curious as to who I am.  Ta-ta for now!

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I’m also an INFJ, childish and whimsical, I’d be interested in looking at your horoscope to see who you are. If you would be so kind to share your birth date?


  2. BookwormwithOpinions said:

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