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Howdy Readers!

I’m on a Strawberry cooking spree! Yesterday, I made a delicious cake and I thought it would be great to share with you guys!

I used a Classic White Duncan Hines cake mix. However, I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil. With that said, use a little under the line because olive oil makes everything grow. Follow the instructions on the back of the box. I remembered to take pictures this time to show you! (Also, please excuse my messy cookware. I was making a big cake and had to use the biggest pans which happens to be my oldest! My mom’s side is Italian and it’s a tradition to pass down pots when a new generation gets married or their own place. I have a pot from three generations ago!)


After you mix your batter and preheat your oven, you will need two more items. One square tin and one circle tin. I used an eight inch on both. Prep your pans, pour in the batter and begin baking!

Now here’s where it gets fun!! After cooling your cakes, you will need to flip them. Take the a large pan and flip your square piece on to it. Make sure to position it as a diamond so you can place your circle pieces on top without them falling off the edge. Now, take your circle cake and flip it into a large dinner plate. You will cut the cake in half on that plate. Carefully place the cake halves along the diamond to make a heart. If you need to carve, carve the outer edges of the heart. It will be easier to ice in the long run. Now, you should have a lovely heart in front of you!

For the icing, we will be using a regular tub. I used Duncan Hines Chocolate. Scoop half the tub into a microwavable bowl. Microwave for ten seconds and stir! This with make your icing smooth, easy to pour on and glossy without changing the taste or going nuts! It’s my new favorite way of icing!! For the sections where the halves meet the square cake, you have two options: Pour extra icing till it’s full there or place regular icing between the edges and then pour on glaze. I personally recommend just pouring. When you’re finished, add strawberries to your liking. With this glaze, it’s great for chocolate covered strawberries as well!! Just dip the strawberries in while holding the stem. They are great for decorations too! Then place the cake in the fridge for thirty minutes to harden.


Enjoy 🙂