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Yay!! I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by imperfectioninanutshell (her posts are awesome-go read them(please)!). Click on her name to get to her page 🙂

With this award, I need to list five facts about myself. So, let’s get down to business:

1. When I was little I watched Sailor Moon. Of course I loved Sailor Moon and my first crush was probably Tuxedo Max but my favorite Sailor scout was Jupiter! I loved that she was a strong and tough and ready to kick butt while still pretty and delicate! To this day, she will always be one of my favorite heroes! Plus, she wore my favorite color… 

2. Soooo I love Avengers. My group is the Avengers. I’m not kidding…  we’re all obsessed and we all fit the characters. I’m pretty much Hawkeye in my group but I wish I could be Black Widow or Agent Carter (in my mind, she completely counts as the original Avenger member).

3. So this leads me to my literary heroes! The book that really got me into reading was Ella Enchanted. I adored her and still have that copy in my “library”. Yes, it’s practically falling to pieces but I intend on giving it to my daughter if I ever have one .  Honestly, anything by Gail Carson Levine was my favorite. She’s my real hero! If it wasn’t for her, I believe my life would be very different. On a sidenote, she lived very close to me when I was growing up and I never even realized!!!! (If I had, she probably would have never gotten me off her doorstep.) While I love Anne Hathaway, she ruined Ella Enchanted. 😦

4. Today, my literary hero is Anne Elliot from Jane Austen’s Persuasion. While I adore the love story within the novel, I believe Anne Elliot is the best character Jane Austen ever created sorry Elizabeth Bennet. Anne is strong and smart. Her patience, strength, love and forgiveness makes her the true hero of the story. However, all the Austen adaptations make Anne look 40 when she’s only in her late 20’s so movie makers please redo Persuasion for me!

5. Currently, I’m in the process of writing a story…  Don’t worry, my blog voice sounds nothing like my “serious writing voice”. My “blog voice” is just more like me! Anyway, I’m hoping the my new story will be my latest heros! Wish me luck!

So now it’s time for the new nominations! I would like to nominate the following:


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Once nominated, please accept or decline (although I do hope you accept!). Then, give five random facts about yourself. Once done, nominate at least five blogs of your choosing! Enjoy 😀