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a1684e7cfc98631e18d4e6655664b249Hello Reader!

Today you may have noticed that I reblogged two amazing posts from sadiadventures and Jeune Afrique about women. I really hope you read them both! They are amazing articles about what is means to be a strong woman. I think it’s very important to keep these conversations up! I’m sharing their posts because:

I want women to know that it’s okay to be feminine because you are still strong! Being feminine should not be associated with weakness. 

I want women to know it’s okay to be kind because it is not a weakness. You are still a Queen!

I want women to know that if you see or hear another woman being disrespected by anyone, you cannot allow that to continue. We need to stand up together because we still live in a world where being a girl is hard. We can’t be afraid to be ourselves and we can’t be afraid to show kindness. So, ladies, put on your crown and your favorite outfit and your combat boots or power heels and let the world know you’re ready to kick butt like a girl.

Please list all of your favorite strong female role models! It’s important to find women we can look to for guidance and inspiration! I have been influenced by four generations of strong Italian women who could overcome any obstacles! They valued kindness and family and education. They always encourage me to speak my thoughts, be kind, and to be smart. My mom always encouraged me to embrace my nerdy and nature-loving self alongside my femininity. She encouraged me to be me! Without her, I probably would have listened to the media and world which implies that woman have to be model-superstars and erase their natural selves. I like me! I see so many girls who don’t like themselves and I hope that these conversations of what it means to be a strong woman will help other girls feel the same way.